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Fungi are an essential tool for bolstering environmental and human health. Fungi Farm exists to support mushroom agriculture and the intelligent use of fungi. Allen Carroll and Mark Haberstroh founded Fungi Farm in 2017. Today, Fungi Farm is a family owned business run by Allen III and his father Allen Jr. 

 Allen is a board member of the Alabama Mushroom Society and has cultivated mushrooms for more than 10 years. He studied Crop, Soil and Environmental Science at Auburn University. While at Auburn, Allen conducted research on mycorrhizal fungi and alternative crop development. Allen became interested in supporting local, small-scale, alternative agriculture, so he built Fungi Farm.

Fungi Farm is located in Dadeville, AL next to the beautiful Lake Martin, 45 minutes from Auburn University. Tours, education, and consulting are available to those interested in learning more about mushroom cultivation and fungi.

Fungi Farm is a pioneer in the Southeastern mushroom industry offering high quality mushroom spawn, ready-to-fruit blocks, education, and mushroom products. Fungi Farm maintains a culture library of many locally sourced and commercially viable mushroom varieties, in addition to other fungi specifically selected for remediation and pest management purposes. Fungi Farm specializes in mushroom varieties well-suited for production in hot humid regions like the Southeastern United States.

Pleurotus ostreatus "Oyster mushroom"

Allen Carroll

Auburn, AL