Pre-Poured Petri Dishes

Pre-Poured Petri Dishes


Our pre-poured sterile petri dishes are delivered ready to use. They have little to no condensation on the lid. These dishes are not delivered wrapped with Para-film. Dishes are sealed in sterile sleeves when they arrive. You will receive ample pre-cut Para-film with every order to wrap the dishes. Sterile dishes may be stored at room temperature indefinitely. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight during storage. Unused dishes can be resealed in the supplied reasealable bag for storage.


Please select the color and type of media you would like, along with your prefered gelling agent and quantity of plates you would like to purchase. We currently offer the following media types:


Water agar (WA)

Malt Extract Agar (MEA)

Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA)

Malt Extract Agar + Yeast (YMEA)

Potato Dextrose Agar + Yeast (YPDA)


Gellan gum may be used as a substitue for agar in any of these recipes. Gellan gum media is much clearer than agar, and the characteritics are very similar. Fungi grow on gellan gum with ease.


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