20 Pre-Poured Sterile Petri Dishes

20 Pre-Poured Sterile Petri Dishes


These petri dishes contain a gellan based media to ensure premium optical clarity. Many users prefer colored or clear dishes for aesthetic, viewing, and/or sorting purposes. These dishes will culture a wide assortment of mycological and biological specimens. Please select the color media you would like. Dish size is 100x15 mm.


Our pre-poured sterile petri dishes are delivered ready to use. They have little to no condensation on the lid. These dishes are not delivered wrapped with Para-film. Dishes are sealed in sterile sleeves when they arrive. Each dish is unsealed for ease of use. You will receive ample pre-cut Para-film with every order to wrap the dishes after your use.


We do not offer refunds, but we do guarantee all orders. If any product arrives contaminated, we will replace it free of charge. To qualify for a replacement, you must submit a picture of the unopened contaminated item, and we will send a replacement. We do not replace open or used items.


Thanks for viewing! Please contact us with any questions.

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